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About Us

Welcome to the Hetzell Consulting website!

Hetzell Consulting provides a complete line of technical services for the home and small business. We have over 30 years of experience in the computer support industry and can guarantee the highest quality in service available.

Since the late 1970s, we have been working in the computer and electronics support industry. This depth of support experience and accumulated technical knowledge enables us to provide our customers with unmatched technical support and unbiased technical consulting. In addition, because the technicians at Hetzell Consulting are trustworthy professionals, you can be sure that your data (usually personal and irreplaceable) will be completely and anonymously protected and fees will only include the time actually spent and the parts necessary to fix the realized problem.

It would be impractical to list everything that our technical services might cover. Therefore, after looking over our service categories if you have any questions or did not see what you were looking for, please contact us using one of the methods found on our Contact Us page. If we cannot help you, we will be happy to refer you to one of our reputable and professional business associates.

Our History

Over 30 years of computer industry experience

1978 through 1988 - Technical field support for several large computer companies; Computer Machinery Corporation, Pertec Computer Corporation, Sperry Univac, and Wang Laboratories

1988 through 1994 - Technical consulting and in-house desktop support for SmithKline's Corporate Headquarters, Strategic Product Development, and Clinical Laboratories

1994 through 2000 - Lotus Notes administration, Lotus Notes application development, and technical architecture for AstraMerck Pharmaceuticals

2000 through 2005 - Technical architecture and senior level technologies management for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

2005 to Present - Technology consulting, change & risk management, infrastructure design and update, computer HW/SW support, certified computer forensic analysis, and certified litigation software support

Our Business Philosophy

Friendly, Professional, and Effective

As the flow of new products and ever changing technologies appear on the market, it becomes more and more important for technical support service providers to stay current with these new technologies. Hetzell Consulting, with our passion for technology and customer satisfaction, takes great pride on staying current with the latest industry advancements and product offerings. We emphasize providing high-quality results and service in a friendly, professional, and effective manner.